We are proud to be an Eco-Lighthouse

We take environmental responsibility


In all stages of our experience, we must operate in such a way that we ensure good economic, society and environmental sustainability. Based on this, we were certified as an Eco-Lighthouse in 2019.

Through the certification, we focus on both direct impact from operations and indirect impact via the value chain. The criteria for retaining the certification are based on the following topics:

  • waste/reuse
  • energy
  • purchasing
  • transportation
  • natural diversity and land use
  • working environment
  • management and anchoring

Read more about Eco-Lighthouse here:

Akvakultur i Vesterålen is presented with the Eco-Lighthouse certificate.
Kjartan with the SUP board under his arm.
Salmon served on a table.

Sustainability report

Our first sustainability report with GRI reporting.

We are pleased to launch our first sustainability report! Here you can read about how we work with topics such as fish welfare, the environment, local communities, HSE and finance.