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Are you going to organize a "blue trip" (blåtur) or want a unique place for work meetings or gatherings with a group of friends?

At Akvakultur i Vesterålen, you can combine academic content and team building, and create relationships outside the office through exciting activities, or create an out-of-the-ordinary day with your group of friends.

We can tailor a day of experiences with, for example, SUP boards, rescue exercises with survival suits, competitions and other team building activities.

Guests receive a VR glasses presentation.
A man lies on a SUP board during his visit at the real fish farm.
Kjartan takes guests with him in a RIB and visits the fish farm at sea.
The dining area at Akvakultur i Vesterålen.

The complete activity package

We offer an educational tour in the exhibition where, through VR, you get a close insight in one of Norway's most important industries.

We have a RIB boat and take you out on the fjord, either a short trip to the fish farm or a longer trip to e.g. the Trollfjord.

We can also organize lunch and dinner in our unique 100-year-old pier - "Gladbrygga", or a simple bonfire in our gapahuk on Gårdsøya.

Through collaboration with other companies, we can also tailor arrangements including boat transport, e.g. from other hotels in the area.

Exciting and informative to hear about the entire process of salmon farming. It's very fun to go out and see where the salmon and trout are.

Maria Solberg

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